Catching Up

I’ve neglected the blog a bit lately. Just been busy, etc., and – until very recently – not so many great films to write about!

Well, except for Suffragette and Spotlight, which I’ve been meaning to write about together to address some important issues.

Now that the end of the year Oscar contenders are coming out fast and furious, I can hardly keep up!

In coming hours and days, look for posts on Carol, Brooklyn, Room, Creed, Trumbo, the two films mentioned above, and more!

In the meantime, here are three short takes on films I’ve seen but don’t intend to write about in detail.

Krampus – my son loved it (has seen it twice), so I went in with high hopes but was not wowed. It falls more into the category of “This will be nice to watch with grandchildren in coming years” but no great shakes for me.


Goosebumps – well, I went to see it to be able to reference the vice principal character in the new edition of The Hollywood Curriculum and got a bonus teacher at the end! If you’ve not read the books (I haven’t), then the movie is probably not for you.



Our Brand is Crisis – what a mess of a movie. The problem is that there is no concrete thesis or build throughout that actually makes the ending plausible. Even though the premise is compelling and the location interesting, steer clear.


More soon!

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