There’s not much to say about the latest Bond picture. In terms of the Daniel Craig chapter of the movie franchise, Casino Royale is still the best, Skyfall comes in second place (elevated by the strength of the final act), Spectre ranks third, and Quantum of Solace is still a frightful mess.

I admire certain sequences of Spectre, appreciate the deepening backstory written for James Bond, and enjoy some of the performers, especially Léa Seydoux, who dazzled me in Blue is the Warmest Color but seems (I have to say it) too young for Daniel Craig here.

Overall, I was never as emotionally engaged with this film as I was with Casino Royale or Skyfall. Exceptions are how much I enjoy Ben Wishaw as Q (he won me over as John Keats in Jane Campion’s Bright Star) and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, both of whom have slightly expanded roles in this film. I know most people will be celebrating Christoph Walz in another crazy, villain role, but I’m more curious to see what else he can do than what he does here.


See what you think about the picture and report back.

Bond aficionados – and I make no claim on that title – will object, but I like the Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton films the best overall as much because they are the least sexist and most serious of the films as because I like the actors, though I do like them much better than slicker models like Roger Moore (the first one I recollect seeing in the role in theaters) and Pierce Brosnan.

So, overall assessment: a pleasant afternoon at the movies but no desire to revisit this particular film.

Let’s face it, at this point, we’re all mostly interested in hearing which actor will be the next to play 007 and seeing what the reboot will look like. Stay tuned…

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