A Few New Sitcoms…

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to watch any of the new shows because there are too many of them and I have several writing projects in progress.

Then, I watched Life in Pieces and was underwhelmed.

And, then, people like Laura Linder (co-editor with me of The Sitcom Reader – new edition coming out in 2016!) guilted me into taking another a peek here and there.

After all, this is a teaching and research area for me…

Here are a few short takes:

Grandfathered: I like this one the best of the lot and may watch some more episodes. John Stamos is a good actor! Who knew? A womanizing restaurateur discovers he is a father and a grandfather, which leads to complications. Successful sitcoms have been mounted on less of a premise. (Note to Laura: You’re right about the ending of the pilot – Stamos is great.)


Dr. Ken: A controlling but silly physician at work and at home. Uh…I’m not feeling Ken Jeong in the eponymous role…but I’m glad to have more diversity in the primetime lineup.

The Grinder: Despite the star power of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage as (unlikely) brothers, the premise seems weak to me (a TV lawyer moves back home and wants to practice in the family law firm). Unless someone lobbies me strongly, I doubt I’ll look at another episode.

You know, it’s easy to watch a half-hour show on demand while eating breakfast or lunch. You may even say that it’s efficient for me to check out a few new shows here and there.

Does it sound to you like I’m rationalizing? It does to me…

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