Too Much TV

Most years I try to check out all the new TV shows, add the very best into my rotation, and keep up with some old favorites (along with a few series that are so familiar I haven’t quite been able to give them up).

I give up.

This season there will be over 400 scripted dramas and comedies on television. When I first started reading about that a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wouldn’t stress myself out by trying to watch the series since I’m working on a new film and several big research projects.

Then, I slipped. I did watch the premiere episode of Life in Pieces.

Live in Pieces

Fortunately, I thought it was a bit of a yawn, so I’m not tempted to follow up with more episodes.

Still, I don’t want to be totally out of the loop. If there’s a great new series you think I should devote my time to checking out, comment on the blog or email me at

As I write this and generally update the blog (which I’m committed to doing this evening), I’m halfway watching the season premiere of How to Get Away With Murder on Primetime on Demand (Don’t think I’m going to stick with it or with Scandal anymore) and just saw a provocative promo for Wicked City. I hope it’s not as good as it appears that it could be.

It’s all about the investment of time.

I want more limited series that throw us their best, like ABC’s summer series Astronaut Wives Club, before sliding away to make room for more delicious options.

Who can keep up?


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