Nancy Meyers is a brand.

I kind of hate the word brand.


And, in this context, it describes exactly what is good about her latest film (stylish, affirming, happily ever after) and what is not (really predictable).

Robert De Niro (Ben) and Anne Hathaway (Jules) rock their roles as a 70-year-old widower who combats boredom by taking an internship at an online fashion company and the young entrepreneur who’s in a bit over her head until she realizes that Ben can help her.

The Intern

Of course, there’s also a little bit of romance. Less, actually, than in some of Meyers’ other films like It’s Complicated, The Holiday, and Something’s Gotta Give.

Less magic, too.

With those films, I inevitably find myself getting sucked in and wishing and believing even though I’m aware of the manipulation. I engage my willing suspension of disbelief and go along for the ride…then forget about it pretty soon after it’s over.

Except, maybe, the elegant clothes and homes and landscapes…seductive thoughts of those tend to linger…what invisible forces maintain all that comfort and beauty?

Still, even though I won’t be thinking about the film as soon as I finish typing, The Intern is pleasant to watch, and De Niro and Hathaway have great chemistry in their intern (father) / CEO (daughter) roles.

Theirs is the love story that dominates the film and overshadows Ben and Jules’ respective romances, though there is some romance and a few laughs to boot.

After all, Nancy Meyers is a brand.


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