GAZE 2015 and MR. HOLMES

No, these two really have nothing in common except what I’m about to relate!

Just had a great trip to Ireland (hope to return!) for the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival Dublin where a documentary I co-directed, Living in the Overlap, screened.

GAZE photo with Rose and Noel

Pictured here with Festival Programmer Roisin Geraghty and Festival Director Noel Sutton.

I returned to a query from my friend Teraesa asking whether or not she should see Mr. Holmes, which I have seen but not found time to write about. Since I’m flying out for the University Film and Video Association Conference in about two hours and still have to throw the things on my bed into a bag, I’m not going to do better here than what I managed to post in reply on her Facebook page:

If I can find a spare moment, I’ll try to post a paragraph on the blog…just got in from one work/fun event out of town and heading off for another in the morning. In short, I thought it was a tad slow at the beginning but ultimately quite rewarding. It’s hard after all this time to think of something new to do with the Sherlock Holmes character, but this film achieves it!

And, so it does. Well worth seeing. Strong performances, gorgeous landscapes, and a new twist on a familiar character. Win-win-win.

Mr. Holmes


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