Television Musings

Stuff I’ve been watching and thinking about…

Borgen – I binge-watched this Danish series while on vacation. It’s marvelous. Politics, media, unusual but realistic characters, and great writing make this a winner. It makes me wonder, too, whether we should reconsider our political system. Political junkies will want to binge just like I did! Available on DVD (thirty episodes).


Deadwood – I’m teaching a course spring 2016 called Critical Media Studies: Deadwood exceptionally good, which reminds me of how much I do not like True Detective. Available on DVD and streaming.


True Detective – I stuck with the first season for about four episodes but – despite the critical accolades from some quarters – found it over-written and tedious. This season, I gave it a whirl again, but think it’s even worse than before. Great actors, the occasional interesting idea, but the show is a mess. I gave up yesterday when I tried three different times to get through the most recent episode and finally deleted it with about ten minutes left. (I’m sorry, Taylor Kitsch. I tried to stick it out mostly for you.) Available on HBO. If you want gritty, LA neo-noir, check out Ray Donovan.

True Detective

Ray Donovan – It’s dark, really dark, but I’m drawn in. Funny to see two Deadwood leads in the season premiere (Paula Malcomson is as searing and sensitive as Abby, the eponymous character’s wife, as she was in Deadwood as Trixie, and Ian McShane has turned up this season as billionaire Malcolm Finney, though he’s probably always going to be Al Swearengen to me. Remember when Al had that kidney stone?). Available on Showtime.

Ray Donovan

Masters of Sex – is it just me or is most of the tension of the first season or two missing? I’m still watching, but with less enthusiasm. Available on Showtime.

masters of sex

Orange is the New Black — let me just say that Season Three is my favorite so far because the series has moved into the realm of institutional critique with the privatization of the prison. There may have been more surprises in Season One and more intense drama in Season Two, but this new terrain is important, too.


Astronaut Wives Club – I’m trying to go through everything in my house (I know, I know, but it will be so wonderful when the mammoth task is completed). Saturday afternoon and evening, I was organizing my knitting supplies and yarn stash and did while binging my way through the episodes of this series. I like it. Nice summer series. Not sure I’d stick with it if there were more choices available, and the fact that I can work while it’s on is telling, but it’s a little different. Available on ABC.



2 Responses to Television Musings

  1. Steve says:

    Although populated by possibly the most foul-mouthed characters of any series ever, Deadwood is one of my favorites. I had not picked up thatAbby Donovan was Deadwood’s Trixie, however.

    BTW, I was watching Jaws (40th anniversary) last week when I realized that the smarmy Mayor of Amity happened to The Graduate’s Mr. Robinson.

  2. marymdalton says:

    It took me awhile to connect Abby and Trixie, too!

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