I probably wouldn’t have watched this movie if someone had not tried to keep me (and everyone else) from it.

The Interview held little appeal for me from the previews and associated commentary, and watching it online yesterday with millions of other people did nothing to restore my faith in the product.

The comedy isn’t that funny to me, the geopolitical content offers no insights, and the bromance theme seems really tired by now.

Still, I watched.

People have a right to make all kinds of things that don’t appeal to me, companies have the right to try to cash in on them, and artists have to accept responsibility for the work once it hits the marketplace of ideas.

I’m talking here about responsibility for jokes that often fall flat, women characters that exist only as sex objects, and satire that is more juvenile than useful.

Watching The Interview made me yearn for something more akin to Wag the Dog where smart and funny coexist.

The Interview


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