TV Time

Love the fact that there are new episodes of series popping up year around now. This is a good way to battle the summer doldrums. Remember back in the day when we had to wait for September to see new series premiere and new episodes of ANYTHING?

With the beginning of a new semester and lots of orientation activities, I haven’t had time to go to the movies (which is a shame since several things have opened locally that I want to see), but I have managed to keep up with Masters of Sex (still intriguing) and am starting to catch up with Ray Donovan (great performances all around but so dark that I can only take it in small doses).

Liev Schreiber plays the eponymous role in the latter and gives a performance that is so well-calibrated that it is probably the single thing that keeps me coming back for new episodes despite the fact that the show inevitably brings me down.

Who are these people? I know people like them exist but am so glad their world doesn’t interface with mine…except…on occasion…in my den.

ray donovan


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