I’m looking forward to the second episode of the HBO series Looking later tonight because I liked the first episode enough to give the series a solid shot to make my weekly rotation.

Airing right after Girls, Looking seems in some ways like the antithesis of Lena Dunham’s show. This story of a group of gay men, close friends living in San Francisco, features an uncommon tenderness in terms of premium channel narrative and an appealing softness aesthetically.

While Looking may not take chances and push boundaries like Girls, at least not so far, I can use a respite from the self-absorption, unacknowledged privilege, and neurotic antics of Hannah and her cohort.

On the other hand, if I want to remain part of the cultural conversation swirling around the Millennials and to stay relevant to my own students, I have to stick with Girls and hope for some interesting character arcs and useful insights to emerge.



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