TREME Back For Five Episodes

Episode for episode, I believe The Wire is the best television series ever produced. David Simon sets the series in Baltimore and adds terrific characters and engaging storylines alongside a sophisticated analysis of the major institutions that influence daily life in the city.

It’s not hard for me to convince people that The Wire is a brilliant series, but I find that fewer people feel the same way about Treme, a series co-created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer and set in New Orleans post-Katrina.

As fans of The Wire know, stories from this creative team are complex, intermingled, and rich with promise. The same is true of of Treme, which is about to launch an abbreviated, final season on HBO next month.

Listen to what I had to say about the series today on Triad Arts Weekend (scroll down for a link to the segment):

Watch the series. Maybe you’ll love Treme as much as I do!



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