SCANDAL, Fire Drills, and Processing

Getting ready to watch this week’s episode of Scandal with a group of college students in a residence hall media room. Now, that’s a trip in and of itself, but could it really be crazier than the episode last week?

It’s guilty pleasure viewing for me on the one hand with melodrama to spare, but on the other hand it is more than that because it is so exciting to see a woman of color in the lead role on a successful, network television show. It’s been a long time since Julia.

But, then something happened that made me think about the show again and more deeply than guilty pleasure viewing vs. diversity and inclusion.

One of the students who watches with us most weeks in the Luter Hall media room at Wake Forest University is also a student in the Women’s and Gender Studies course I am team teaching this semester. She wants to write her final paper on Scandal.

Her general thesis involves ways the series seems cutting edge and even progressive but actually limits women in uncomfortable and damaging ways. Can’t wait to read her final paper…can’t wait to watch Scandal with these students and talk about what happened last week.

Right before the first big revelation last week (about Mellie’s past), we had a fire drill and had to vacate the building. What timing! Fortunately, I was DVRing at home and could catch up quickly when I got home even if it meant staying up very late.

Lots to process. Thoughts on Scandal, anyone?



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