If you haven’t checked out s/tudio 3 at a/perture yet, make time to get there this week and see Let The Fire Burn. If you’ve already visited the new venue, it’s time to go back.

Twelve years in the making, director Jason Osder’s found footage documentary is rich, complex, and enormously compelling. Most of us vaguely remember May 13, 1985 police action to destroy a Philadelphia rowhouse occupied by MOVE members, but much of what emerges from an earlier documentary, a deposition with a young survivor, and a televised hearing is new information for most viewers.

Called a cult or terrorist organization by others and self-labeling as an organization, MOVE members and their leader John Africa led a controversial, countercultural existence. While Let The Fire Burn reveals more than we knew before, there are some questions about that day that will never be answered in face of the fact that 11 people died and 61 homes burned.

Osder and editor Nels Bangerter have crafted a powerful documentary that marks an auspicious debut for Jason Osder. You won’t be disappointed.

Let the fire burn

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