Sitcom Short-takes

I’ve watched a bunch of new sitcoms but might only continue watching one of them (The Crazy Ones). Make that two (Super Fun Night). I wish I could handle a third (Mom). Is this going to get out of control? I don’t actually LOVE any of these shows, but it will be interesting to see if some of them improve.

In alphabetical order (as in the on demand line-up listing including “The”):

Mom—has a great cast (Allison Janney, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Matt Jones, and more) but is it just a bit too dysfunctional (and maybe even a bit dark for a sitcom) for me to subject myself to it repeatedly? Shouldn’t there be someone on the show I really like? I want to like this show more than I do.

Sean Saves The World—Sean Hayes is talented and appealing, but the show is – yawn – not very engaging.

Super Fun Night—love Rebel Wilson and see some promising moments in the series. The scene in the Halloween party episode when Wilson’s character made a costume change and waited for her crush broke my heart and brought a little tear to my eye. There is a range of emotional tones here, but I might not keep watching if one of my former students weren’t a writer on the show. Since she is, I’m tuning in to see what happens!

The Crazy Ones—the most polished of the shows I’ve seen so far. Of course, with David E. Kelley as the creator, polished is to be expected. Robin Williams is a big talent, and Sarah Michelle Geller, Hamish Linklater, and James Wolk are no slouches either. Most likely to keep me watching at this point.

The Michael J. Fox Show—love Michael J. Fox and the idea that the series deals with disability in (potentially) interesting ways that mirror the star’s own life with Parkinson’s disease. I adore Wendell Pierce in everything I’ve ever seen him in, but that’s not enough to make me stick with this conventional sitcom that isn’t quite sharp enough to keep me coming back.

The Millers—the only possible reason this series can be getting good ratings is that the lead-in is The Big Bang Theory. Good cast, but the flatulence jokes in the pilot seemed like junior high if not elementary school. I vowed not to but tried one more episode and found it, too, tired and sophomoric.

The Crazy Ones


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