Great Double Feature Experience

And, I’m not saying this just because it’s the rare event of seeing two new films by women directors.

Yesterday was October lovely (if a little on the warm side), but I still ducked indoors and had one of my best double feature experiences in recent memory. Maybe my best since college when I saw (The World According to Garp and Diner).

In A World and Enough Said are delightful films (though the latter contains more than a few uncomfortable moments) and perfectly suited to play together for reasons beyond their matching (and refreshing) run times of 1:33.

I’ve been eager to see In A World since glimpsing the trailer a few months ago. The story centers around a talented woman as she tries to break into the big leagues of movie trailer voiceover work, an area dominated by men, including her own father.

This charming yet modestly quirky love story strikes the right feminist notes with a ball-peen instead of a sledge hammer (love Geena Davis in a small but crucial appearance).

You need the right tool, and this one works quite well.

Lake Bell wrote, directed, and stars in the film. Bell is supported here by a great cast, including Fred Melamed, Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, and Michaela Watkins.

Enough Said is attracting attention as James Gandolfini’s last picture before his death, but it was on my radar anyway because I have a soft spot for director Nicole Holofcener’s slice of life movies (including Lovely & Amazing and Friends With Money). Love her work.

This film pairs Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Gandolfini in a tentative but tender and often funny love story. Of course, this being the movies, there are missteps, which only make the whole thing feel so real. Why do people do such stupid things? (Don’t worry; no spoiler here.)

I have a predilection for this type of intimate drama, but I think the audience for the film is a lot broader than mere me.

Go see for yourself…

In A World


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