Some random observations about the Breaking Bad series finale:

It was fitting but not surprising. The surprises came in episodes leading up to the finale.

My mother, who as never before watched an episode of the show watched last night’s episode because all of the media hype made her want to see for herself what all the hoopla was about. I was shocked to learn this morning that she watched it. Mama’s verdict: it was very dark, and she prefers The Big Bang Theory.

I watched most of this season’s episodes in a residence hall with a group of first year college students. I brought snacks each week, but they were really there for the entertainment instead of the happy bonus of free food. My verdict: binge viewing and easy access to episodes really helped the audience building up to the finale.

The students love the series but don’t quite know why beyond the unexpected plot elements. I think we need more television studies classes to help viewers with burgeoning good taste understand why their taste is good and to articulate their growing awareness in oral and written forms.

Yes, I’m serious.

Breaking Bad


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