RELIABLE SOURCES — The Diversity March Continues

As you know, I’ve been clamoring for more diversity among the hosts taking a turn on Reliable Sources, the weekly CNN show critiquing the media.  Last week the first woman host took a turn, and today the first person of color gets a shot.

I like Eric Deggans (formerly of Tampa Bay Times and soon-to-be TV critic for NPR), whom I’ve seen often as a panelist on the show when Howard Kurtz was the permanent host.  Easily, Deggans is one of the smoothest hosts tested so far, and he brings us one of the more interesting shows among those featuring rotating hosts.

Quibble?  Yes.

Having the first African American host on the show on this particular Sunday, one when the anniversary of the March on Washington takes center stage, and including analysis of the historic coverage of the Civil Rights Movement, examination of contemporary coverage of race in America, and a discussion of the film The Butler is a little like designating February Black History Month and March Women’s History March.

See what I mean?

Still, Eric Deggans is definitely a contender.  Wouldn’t mind seeing more of him, including weeks where the biggest media stories of the day are not situated around a landmark in the Civil Rights Movement.

He just might be my favorite guest host so far…

Eric Deggans



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