RELIABLE SOURCES — See a Pattern with Guest Hosts?

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am a regular viewer of Reliable Sources, the weekly CNN show critiquing the media.  I was out of town on Sunday and am just now settling in to watch this past week’s episode as part of my scheduled DVR maintenance.

What?  Is there yet another white guy rotating as host and presumably competing for the gig since Howard (Howie to his friends) Kurtz left CNN for FOX?  Why no diversity in the mix?  Why did the first segment on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have a panel of white guys analyzing the deals that may or may not go down for two other white guys?

Bored with the lineup, I turned to the computer to find out if anyone else is feeling frustrated about the show.  Turned this up right away:

Yes, Erik Wemple, I’d like to turn on the TV and see Karen Tumulty hosting Reliable Sources next week and see the panels staffed with some of the other names you mention.

There is a great need for serious reporting on the media and analysis of the media culture.  Make this show work and let it reflect the world the rest of us live in…


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