What’s Happening With RELIABLE SOURCES?

It’s part of my Sunday morning routine if I’m at home and on my DVR for delayed viewing if I’m not. 

Reliable Sources is a great idea for a show and critically important in its focus: examining the major media stories and news coverage of each week with a series of commentators and journalists lining up on panels to talk about coverage, cultural context, and meaning.

Longtime host Howard Kurtz left CNN two weeks ago for FOX (and I became increasingly dissatisfied with him as a host in recent years), but the show remains on the schedule for now though a permanent host has not been named.

David Folkenflik hosted today’s show, and he’s promising in terms of the panelists he put on the air (higher caliber overall than what Kurtz has assembled in recent years) and his own NPR credentials.

We’ll see how it unfolds. 

With Jeff Zucker at the helm, CNN is making big changes, and you know from previous posts that I suspect this will mean further erosion of journalistic standards in hopes of capturing more eyeballs.

Maybe Reliable Sources will stay on the schedule and even improve to offer me a bright spot among CNN programming – a show what will continue to attract my eyeballs on a weekly basis.


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