The new season of The Newsroom seems a little more promising to me than the first one. 

I always have liked what Aaron Sorkin is saying about the state of television news and American politics and the actors actually mouthing the lines but haven’t much cared for how Sorkin is having them convey his ideology.

Liberal porn?  Maybe.  But, does it have to be so overwrought?

The lawsuit storyline introduced in the season premiere promises to add an element that may make the speechifying Sorkin can’t seem to resist seem a little more motivated and organic because of the question and answer format of preparing for a case. 

We’ll see how that works out.  “You better you better you bet.”

But, while we’re at it, has anyone else been thinking that Jeff Zucker’s presidency of CNN (and his rush to try to gain eyeballs at all costs) is a bit reminiscent of the Reese Lansing character on The Newsroom?  That unhappy thought has occurred to me more than once in the last week.

Call me an idealist – guilty as charged – but I always thought that CNN should focus on solid reporting, a moderate and balanced perspective, and cover a range of important news stories daily on the domestic broadcast even if that is not a moneymaker day in and day out to do the right thing and solidify the brand.  There is always money to be made for the corporation on the international broadcasts, and having a respected domestic brand can only help that enterprise. 

Abandoning coverage of the unrest in Egypt last week while going wall-to-wall on the Zimmerman trial (the same as every other network even when not much was happening) demonstrated to me that CNN has lost its way, and Zucker is going to take the network even further and faster down the wrong path.



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