Il s’agit d’un livre charmant.

Okay, so I cheated.

My high school and college French is mostly spent except for the odd word or phrase that I recall, but that is no impediment to enjoying Greensboro author Jo Maeder’s new novel.

But, Google translate has helped me convey (I hope correctly) that Opposites Attack is a charming book.  A young, American woman goes to France to learn the language and get over a love affair that hasn’t taken the turn she hoped.  Eventually, she discovers that the Francophile lurking underneath her all-American skin may be more dominant than she has suspected.

Opposites Attack is just the sort of love story filled with food and funny bits that is perfect for a rainy summer afternoon (we’ve had a surplus of those lately) or staying up into the wee hours to finish it (as I did last night).

It’s frothy and sweet like a luscious chocolate mousse.  Did I mention that I love chocolate mousse?


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