Too long, too loud, too sterile, and not a lot of magic.

I have to say, however, that I buy Henry Cavill in the Clark Kent/Superman, and I love, love, love Michael Shannon as General Zod.  Shannon is such a terrific actor.  Regardless of what role he plays (and plenty of them are unlikeable or weird), I am mesmerized by him on screen.

The idea of focusing on backstory and aliens is fresh, and there are moments and scenes that I enjoyed, but overall Man of Steel was not very engaging for me.

This detachment (to the point of finding entire sequences tedious) is a problem I have with many Zach Snyder films.  You would have to bind me to a chair and force my eyes open (yes, picture A Clockwork Orange) to make me watch 300 or Sucker Punch again.

Hmmmm…I am reminded now that I wouldn’t mind seeing Synder’s film Watchmen again.  While I think it is flawed, it works the best for me of all of his films that I’ve seen.

I loved the use of music and how the choices reinforced the idea of a parallel world.  Any film with Leonard Cohen’s music on the soundtrack has something going for it!


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