GIRLS Season 38

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what is parody? 

Flashback.  Here’s what I wrote about the HBO series Girls early in the first season:

These are privileged women in transition who exhibit no recognition of that privilege, which reflects the self-absorption they share with the characters of Sex and the City.

The good thing and the bad thing about Girls is how authentic it all feels.  The show is entertaining and absorbing, frequently funny, and more often than all of that sad.

In the second episode, a physician testing the lead character for STDs says she wouldn’t want to be 24 years old again for anything.  I agree…and will keep watching these girls to see if they become women.

Actually, the series has not grown on me.  Apparently, girls will be girls. 

I still watch it and hope for an evolution in Lena Dunham’s vision (the fairy tale ending of the second season decidedly does not qualify), but more often than not have been disappointed.

This morning I saw the parody “GIRLS Season 38” posted on a friend’s Facebook page and had to take a look.

It’s funny and – believe it or not – spot on in many ways because the short identifies the essential flaws of each character and plays on them in amusing ways.  The real selling point of the piece, however, is that it doesn’t particularly amplify these flaws but shows with greater clarity how exceedingly unattractive the traits are in the senior citizen versions of the “girls.”

A little bit of studied self-absorption goes a long way when it is endemic to every character, and a little bit of parody makes that abundantly clear.


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