Movie Manners

Have you ever heard the saying that everything really important in life we learn in kindergarten?  You know, things like the Golden Rule. 

There is some truth to that, and you would think that people shouldn’t have to be reminded of the basics, but I still encounter behavior at the movies that makes me wonder if some people missed fundamental classes. 

Common sense, I know, but some lessons are worth repeating. 

  1. This is not the place for repeated audible responses – no exaggerated sighing and moaning, especially during serious moments.  These can be just as annoying as talking.  Really.
  2. Turn off your mobile phone.  Off.  Not vibrate.
  3. If you forget to turn off your mobile phone, do not take the call when it rings.  We all paid the same admission price for the experience of seeing the film with minimal interruptions.
  4. No bright screens after the preview trailers begin – no texting, no emailing, no checking the time.  No!
  5. Please don’t kick or tap the seat in front of you.  Like numbers 1-4, this is rude.

It’s no wonder, really that so many people prefer to stay home instead of heading out to the cinema and not just because of the cost. 

I have had all of those annoying things happen to me in Triad theaters in recent months.  This is not enough to drive me away from the movies, but it never fails to diminish my experience and to disappoint me.


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