Maybe It’s Me?

Of course, it may be me…at least partly…though I think my emotional pulse is okay and my mood at a nice equilibrium.

The season premieres of Girls and Shameless failed to inspire me just like the lastest installments of Downton AbbeyThe Good Wife seems like a series of quirky cases designed to avoid any storylines involving major transitions for characters (making it feel more procedural than engaging in the way it used to feel).

Or, maybe it’s not me.  As it comes to a close, The Office is funny again.  Whew!


2 Responses to Maybe It’s Me?

  1. jennie says:

    GIRLS was terrible. I truly don’t understand the hype. how many times can she get naked? stop getting naked and try telling a story.

    • mdalton4 says:

      There were points in time last season — even though the show made me sad about young women — that I thought it showed glimmers of promise. Last night’s episode seemed like a mess. I liked Lena Dunham in the interview after the episode much better than any of the characters in the show.

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