I had no intention of seeing Jack Reacher.  This time of year there are an abundance of films to see, and my threshold for Tom Cruise is pretty darn low after the whole jumping on the sofa with Oprah deal.

But, someone I respect said, “You should see it,” and I did.

Jack Reacher won’t make my top ten (or top twenty-five) list or anything, but I was surprised by its high level of craft.

Even before I saw Caleb Deschanel’s credit, I could see that the film was beautifully, thoughtfully photographed with superb moments of visual storytelling.  Similarly, the script was polished, which is always appreciated.

This is a pretty conventional, Hollywood picture, but nicely done.  The bonus is seeing Robert Duvall perform in the third act.  It’s hard to take your eyes off of him…another instance in which I thought, “I should watch Get Low again.”


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