My son is in college.  I don’t need Halloween candy hanging around.  It was an easy decision to leave my house dark on Wednesday and go to the movies.

I’m late getting to Argo because a colleague asked me to save the film for us to see together, then we each had to cancel plans to see it three times.  Oh, well…better late than never.

Good thing I made it to Ben Affleck’s story about a CIA operative who poses as a movie producer on a location scout to liberate six American foreign service employees who escaped from the American Embassy in Iran when it was taken over by protesters in 1979.  Affleck directs and stars as the CIA operative.

Sound crazy?  Knowing the story is real makes parts of it more entertaining; knowing the outcome for the seven trying to get out of Iran does not diminish the drama of the situation.

The film is extremely well-crafted.  Argo, named for the fake movie Affleck’s character is producing, is definitely worth watching and, unfortunately, still seems timely.


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