Lena Dunham’s First Time

Have you seen the ad?  Here is it:


I admit that I’m partisan (which is one reason I seldom blog about politics here) because I’m all about social justice issues.

Still, what’s the controversy?  Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls is much more risqué than this ad.  Gosh, many product ads are more risqué than this.  And, have you watched the evening news lately?

I think her “First Time” ad is rather sweet, actually.

As a redux (and in anticipation of the new season), here’s what I wrote about Girls when it premiered:

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new HBO series Girls, created by Lena Dunham (who stars in the series and also writes many of the scripts and directs episodes) and produced by Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner.

The series is influenced by (and references) Sex and the City and, like the earlier series, centers on the friendship and romantic and professional entanglements of four twenty-somethings living in New York.

These are privileged women in transition who exhibit no recognition of that privilege, which reflects the self-absorption they share with the characters of Sex and the City.

The good thing and the bad thing about Girls is how authentic it all feels.  The show is entertaining and absorbing, frequently funny, and more often than all of that sad.

In the second episode, a physician testing the lead character for STDs says she wouldn’t want to be 24 years old again for anything.  I agree…and will keep watching these girls to see if they become women.


One Response to Lena Dunham’s First Time

  1. dysherron says:

    Risque?? Cute and clever! My first was George McGovern (RIP) in a mock election in the 5th grade. No regrets and I’ve stayed the course.

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