Recent Books

Lately (over the last three years!), there hasn’t been enough time for reading.  I’m a lover of good books, mostly novels but also the occasional bit of compelling nonfiction.

To combat the fact that I’ve been too focused on work, including the movies and television shows I love, I’ve selected 16 books that I really need to read and have started in on the list.


Here’s where I am so far:

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes:  sublime.  Sometimes one word is enough.

The Ask by Sam Lipsyte: not what I expected or hoped.  I should have read Moo for the third time or even Straight Man for a second time.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion:  honest and sad.  I read her novel Play It as It Lays years ago and was taken by the bleakness of it.  This account of her husband’s death and daughter’s illness is raw and true and made me sad but maybe a little wiser.

I’ll keep you posted periodically as I read on, especially since there aren’t a lot of tempting films right now.

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