Lost Weekend

I’m not talking about the classic Billy Wilder film from 1945 but about my actual weekend, which is misleading because my weekend was spent working on my kitchen renovation instead of drinking excessively (a reference to the film not meant to indicate anything else).

Mostly I took boxes and boxes of kitchen items and restocked the shelves of my new cabinets.  Why share this?  Because it explains why I have nothing to write about on the media front…unless you want to read about my weekend DVR maintenance…nah…who would want to do that?

Work in Progress Kitchen -- October 24, 2011



2 Responses to Lost Weekend

  1. Neil says:


    I had lunch with you Friday afternoon in Deacon Tower. I enjoyed the brief discussion on TV and some of our favorite shows.

    I know you were excited about finishing up the kitchen. From this picture it looks great!

    It was nice meeting you, I have bookmarked the blog and will be sure to check in.

    Neil Bishop

  2. mdalton4 says:

    I enjoyed our conversation very much. You have great taste in TV shows!!!

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