The regular season run of network shows is wrapping up.

We still don’t know what will happen in Dillon, Texas, but Mike and Molly are engaged, and Alicia and Will are on their way to a hotel suite that costs $7,800, which is a high price to pay for a tryst but perhaps not so much when parsed by how long this union has been awaited.

After all, there was a convention in town, and the penthouse suite was the only room available when opportunity overcame all remaining impediments.

That’s what I continue to think about among the shows I follow – the final few episodes of The Good Wife this season.  The series is holding up well and continues to develop characters in interesting and unexpected ways.

My, how quickly the bad husband has reverted to his calculating ways when thwarted (I never trusted or liked him), and oh, my, how steamy that elevator to the penthouse suite must have been when Will and Alicia decided to seize their long-awaited hour of good timing.

Maybe I’m wrong to want this so keenly, but I sure hope the fall season premiere doesn’t dash my hopes that these two, who have long harbored “what ifs” inside their heads and hearts, will not be able to act on such intense longing.


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