Oh, my.

I’ve enjoyed Boardwalk Empire from the beginning, but it’s really starting to take off with the most recent episode.   The series is a visual feast  — from production design to the lush cinematography.

The story has always been engaging to me, but now it is coming together in a way that takes the series to a new level.

I watched the last third or so of the most recent episode twice.  Okay, I watched the last third twice and the final sequence three times.  No sense in denying it; I watched the final scene two additional times.  What a lovely build-up to this point.

I don’t recall ever thinking of Steve Buscemi as sexy before, but when Nucky Thompson turned up at Margaret’s door…oh, my.

Remember the early critics who thought Buscemi was poorly cast in this role?  I was in the minority who bought him as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson from the beginning, and I certainly cannot see anyone else in the role now.

I’m thinking it might be a good idea to watch the last ten minutes of the episode one more time before I go to sleep…

Thank goodness for my DVR.



One Response to BOARDWALK EMPIRE — update

  1. Melinda says:

    I like Steve Buscemi, but I never thought, in million trillion years, that I would ever find him sexy. I’m not exactly sure that he is sexy, but that look he gave Margaret (lust / passion) just before the end was VERY masculine and kind of hot. Woo!

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