Quick Takes on New Shows

Okay, so I was going to give Lone Star a go until it was prematurely cancelled.  Now I have three shows (that last time I checked were still on the air!) to recommend.

Boardwalk Empire has me hooked.  Some critics liked everything about the first episodes of the series except Steve Buscemi as political figure/gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, but I disagree.  We see Nucky at the crossroads at the series, set in Atlantic City, begins with Prohibition taking effect, and I think Buscemi pulls this off with a certain ambivalence about the times that intrigues me.  (HBO Sundays 9 p.m.)

Mike & Molly has conventional, three-camera sitcom written all over it, but it seems fresh because the two main characters, a Chicago police office and an elementary school teacher, meet at Overaters Anonymous.  So far, it’s funny and the characters show a lot of promise.  (CBS Mondays 9:30 p.m.)

Raising Hope is another sitcom, but this is the hipper, single-camera model.  Thematically, it seems like a cross between Roseanne and Married With Children, and it’s funny, too.  Add Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman as a mom and her grandmother, and it would be tempting to tune in to see them even if there rest of the cast weren’t so good.  The premise is…unusual.  A teenager has a one-night-stand with a serial killer who goes to prison and is executed leaving him with a baby to raise, and his parents – who had him when they were 15-years-old – aren’t as much help as one would expect.  Following that?  (FOX Tuesdays 9 p.m.)

Now, here’s a sentence or two about some of the shows I watched once or twice but won’t return to on a regular basis.

My Generation:  the second half of the pilot wasn’t as bad as the first half, but who has time?  What is this anyway, a mocu-soap?

Running Wilde:  this is possibly the worst pilot I’ve seen in twenty years.

The Event:  I’m sorry but I just can’t commit to a show billed as a cross between 24 and Lost.  Besides, I like Rubicon but it’s challenging to keep me going while I still feel so in the dark about what’s happening.  Why sign up for that again?

Blue Bloods:  let’s see, he’s a police bigwig, one son’s a detective, the daughter’s an assistant district attorney, another son died doing undercover work for internal affairs, and a third son abandoned a law career to join the NYPD with the rest of the family?  Did I forget to mention that gramps is a retired cop?  Tom Selleck’s moustache is nice in primetime, but really?  One family seems to run New York City.  How convenient is that?  Too convenient.

Outlaw:  Jimmy Smits plays a Supreme Court Justice who leaves the bench to tackle controversial cases across the country.  Sorry.  I can’t buy that anyone would leave the bench.  Even though the second episode was a little better than the first one, I can’t get past the initial premise.

Undercovers:  gorgeous couple…lame execution of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the small screen idea.

The Whole Truth:  this is a little more promising than some of the others, but it’s rungs below The Good Wife, so why should I bother?  I might watch a few more episodes here and there and see if it clicks…but I’m not feeling the push to add it to the series I record regularly.

Better With You: middle-of-the-road conventional sitcom.  It’s not bad, but I’m not motivated to watch again.

I’m sure there will be updates as more shows roll out… 


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