Inception is good.  It’s creative – one of the few original films out this summer that is neither a sequel nor an adaption.  Writer-Director Christopher Nolan could probably have made any film he wanted after the success of The Dark Knight, and he chose a challenging tale about a team of people who go into the dreams of others for various purposes.

While I appreciate the complexity of Nolan’s narrative and the look of the film, I didn’t find the same amount of intellectual stimulation with Inception as in some of the classics of the genre it’s been compared to like 2001 A Space Odyssey and Bladerunner or, for that matter, two sci fi films I really liked from last year, Moon and District 9.

That’s not to say those are better films; I’m not making that argument.  I’m simply saying that those films make me think more about the human condition and think about it more expansively than Inception does.  Now, having said that, Denise, Inception may be getting such gushing reviews in some quarters because there’s just not much out there to see this summer.  I think the offerings are pretty slim.


One Response to INCEPTION

  1. Cagney says:

    This review is right on; I could not agree more. For a film that really packs an intellectual punch, pertaining to similar issues, I put my money on Richard Linklater’s Waking Life.

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