This movie is BAD – 2 hours and 20 minutes of pointlessness.  Even if you think you might check it out “just to see the clothes,” buy an issue of Vogue instead.

The TV series was entertaining and interesting as a cultural artifact, but feminist scholars have been divided on it for years.  Some argue that it is about friendship and female empowerment while others maintain that it is superficial and that celebrates consumerism and sexual agency for its own sake instead of addressing important goals of traditional feminism.

We can argue about whether the TV series advances or stymies female empowerment (or neither), but there is no argument that the show is a lot better than the movies – especially this one.

It’s not just bad.  It’s also culturally offensive in more ways than I can count on one hand.  Usually, I try to find one worthy element in a film.  SPOILER:  The only thing I liked about this movie is the piece of jewelry Carrie gets in the final act.  She whines and nags throughout the entire movie, so I was not happy when she opened the box but did covet the contents.

A better ending might have been for Carrie and Samantha to end up marooned on an island together.  Their shallowness and self-absorption makes them a perfect pair.  Charlotte and, especially, Miranda are making progress.  By the way, Miranda has the best clothes, too.  No contest.


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