Odds and Ends

I’ve seen the first two episodes of Treme and can’t wait for the next installment!

This HBO acquisition is a good thing.  I caught up on the HBO original film Temple Grandin and thought Claire Danes did a terrific job playing the autistic woman who has become a leading expert in livestock handling and a well-regarded scholar.  I’ve known about Grandin and her work for years.  The film is a nice tribute to her.  Looking forward to Al Pacino’s turn as Jack Kevorkian, the advocate of physician-assisted suicide this weekend.  The film is directed by Barry Levinson.  Hey, I’m even recording a bunch of episodes of Pacific this weekend to catch up on that (after I finish the semester’s grading!).

So much for the good news.  Is it just me, or is Glee a little off so far this season?  Maybe it will hit stride again soon…


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