Still Tuned In?

Which new shows are you still watching?  For me, the list is getting shorter (in order by the day of the week):  The Good Wife, Mercy, Modern Family, and Glee.  You know what, though?  I really can’t wait for a returning show; I love Friday Night Lights!!!


4 Responses to Still Tuned In?

  1. Karen says:

    I really like “The Good Wife” – a good, solid show with good cast and interesting plots. Juliana Margulies’ and Archie Panjabi’s (Kalinda) characters are strong females who are multi dimensional. My favorite new comedy is “Modern Family” – great chemistry between the cast and very quick witted. I’m still enjoying “Glee” – yes it can be cheesy, but it is fun and a nice escape from the graphic, gross and depressing CSI’s and Law and Orders. I’ve tried to give “Community” a chance, but really – how many times can you watch Chevy Chase trip over a drum set? He was funny many years ago on Saturday Night Live falling down when he imitated Gerald Ford, but now I find it sad and a little pathetic. I’m still waiting for the last season of “LOST” and am looking forward to “Friday Night Lights” return.

  2. MD says:

    You know, though, I think the it is the cheesiness that Makes Glee work because it gives the show a tongue in cheek quality. Have to agree with you about Community, too, and to admit that I never watch CSI but do sometimes turn in for a Law and Order…

  3. Mary Gerardy says:

    Before the season started I was really excited about “The Good Wife,” “Flash Forward,” and “V.” “V” in particular had excellent promo and that really got me excited to watch the series. So far, however, the only one I have seen is “The Good Wife” and it looks interesting. I have missed Julianna Margulies since she left ER. At least she got to ride off into the sunset with George Clooney! So, I’ll probably buy the first season DVD and watch it over the summer.

  4. Susan says:

    I look forward to The Good Wife each week. Glee used to be my favorite new show, but I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of episodes as much as the first few. My husband and I started watching Castle this year thinking it was a new show. It turns out it is a returning series but we are glad we gave it a try since we both really like it.

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