Say No To Fame

When I heard about an “update” to the 1980 film Fame, I thought, “Why?”  After seeing it, the question remains.  The new release has none of the edge or the affecting moments of the original movie.  The narrative, such as it is, still focuses on a group of aspiring performers at a highly selective, public performing arts high school in New York City, but the remake seems blander than bland compared to the original (more like a remake of one of the TV series by the same name).  Never have the stakes been so low for an ensemble cast…


One Response to Say No To Fame

  1. jennieahlgren says:

    I agree completely. The previews really made me want to see the film, but I left the theater glad I only spent (wasted) $3 (Oak Ridge has a $3 theater that plays new movies!). I thought it was aesthetically pleasing, but there were too many characters that were poorly developed and left the audience unsympathetic about what happened to them.

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